Grover Guest House
355 Grover Rd Canton, PA 17724

Our Mission

<left>The Grover Guest House is a turn of the Century, Victorian Style home located in Bradford County, PA. We are within an hours drive of the City of Williamsport, Mansfield, Wellsboro, and Elmira, NY. With over 4,500 sq ft. of living space, 6 clean comfortable guest rooms are available. And a common area that sleep 10 people together comfortably for our group hunters. <br> <br> From the memoirs of Molly Emma Wetherbee Hickock, My Life and memories of Grover, PA; It says about the house: The big Merrick Crandall home was built around 1873 before the tannery closed. My father often spoke of seeing this house being built. It was the largest most modern home in Grover. <br> <br> Mr. Crandall a prosperous lumber baron came to Grover around 1874 from Crandall Hollow where he had a saw mill. It was a beautiful home with fireplaces in rooms upstairs and down. The ceilings were beautiful. <br> <br> In order to have running water for the bathroom, a large wooden tub was upstairs in back of the house to catch rainwater. Had water from pump outside for cooking. He was very proud of his land and farm. At one time I remember the tobacco, growing in the field in front of the home. A building was built out there near the hill to hang tobacco to dry. <br> <br> After they both passed away, their daughter Myrtle lived here a short time, selling the home in 1920. <br> <br> In July 2001 we moved in from Chester County, PA. The Village of Grover is a much more relaxed lifestyle then we know downstate. The house sat vacant for more than a year before we decided to buy it. <br> <br> It needed so much work! We just didn't expect to have to fix everything that could go wrong, all at the same time. Pieces of the plaster ceiling upstairs was crashing to the floor as we moved heavy furniture up the steps. Wallpaper was dripping off the walls, windows were leaky, roof was leaking, and bats were in the house checking out their new house guests. Every sunny window had a mountain of dead cluster flies. We didn't have time to react. We had to get to work. <br> <br> The biggest house on the street with the sun faded not yellow clapboard siding, blistered paint, and leaking roof with 30 gallon trashcans in the bedrooms to catch the leaks on OSB floors was being transformed with a drastic renovation on the interior and exterior. <br> <br> Inside a transformation room by room, hallway by hallway, we repaired the plaster cornices, and arches in the hallways. Ceilings and walls had to be plastered after scraping off as many as 11 layers of old wallpaper everywhere including the ceilings. <br> <br> There is a lot of woodwork in this house, and its comforting to us that nobody had the notion all these years to paint it all white. There are no fireplaces upstairs as Molly memoirs suggest. But there are 3 nonworking marble fireplaces downstairs complete with their original Victorian cast iron summer covers. <br> <br> There are 9 bedrooms in our house. Six of the rooms are used for our guests. Two guestrooms are downstairs, each with an outside porch and a shared bathroom downstairs. The other 4 guestrooms, one of which has a private bathroom, share a bathroom on the second floor. The third floor is a large area where guests may stay all together, such as hunting season. Children love to stay up there as there is a 52"" TV, and 5 large bunk beds. <br> <br> Please give us a call if you need any information, or anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable. <br> <br> We are within an hours drive of the city of Williamsport, Mansfield, Wellsboro and Elmira, New York. The Grover Guest House is an ideal location for persons in need of a place to hang their hat while using the house as a base camp to explore the mountains of Bradford County, Sullivan county and Tioga County. <br> <br> Daily rates are $45.00 a night per person plus 6% tax. We don't charge by the room. We charge by the person.

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